Search Engines & Print

Google has become the search engine of choice when it comes to looking for products and services online. Bing and Yahoo come a distant second and third when it comes to usage, and for this reason they are often discounted entirely from any conversation based around Search Engines. For all intents and purposes, Google may as well be the only one that exists.

Naturally then, when looking for print services online most people will turn to Google as their search engine of choice, and that’s great. Google’s main aim, aside from making money, has always been the maximise the relevancy of their search results. If people stop using it because they can never find what they want, all the ads that make Google billions will be for nothing and the whole thing will come tumbling down. Relevance is king.

So, you’ve typed in the kind of print service that you need and are no doubt confronted with a screen full of results, and myriad kinds of budget web design. This can be quite alarming at first glance, but let’s trust that Google search algorithm has done its job, and then selection that you have in front of you will actually contain the best possible solution to your print needs. Do you really want to go onto page 2? No, thought not…. Website design huddersfield sites may be among the top few!

Have a look at the web pages of the results. You’re looking for print companies like Ultraprint if you need to get banners printed, not blogs or Wikipedia pages which won’t actually provide print even though they may give advice. Let’s assume that we know what we want, so we can discount these pages. The remainder are going to be print companies, but how to choose between them? If you look for the results that have Gold Stars next to them, it will tell you how many Google reviews each website has. Give these a read, and much like eBay feedback, you will have an idea on the general quality and reliability of the company, based on the experiences of people who have actually used them. This can be a much better indicator of the quality of their label printing, than the position in Google that they appear. A good web design huddersfield agency can help anyone get to the top of the Google results page, but reviews cannot be fixed. A site that has both good reviews AND a good SERP (search engine results page) is probably your best bet for good flyer design. Aura tick both of these boxes, just so you know. Other print companies are available, as they say on the BBC.